Commemorative knife available to mark Dollywood’s 30th anniversary

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – A handmade, limited number item is being made available for collectors to celebrate Dollywood’s 30th anniversary.

Inside the open air shop at The Valley Forge and Foundry, you will find Master Blacksmith John Fuller. He is working over coals at nearly 2,000 degrees making a limited edition knife out of a railroad spike.

Fuller works quickly heating the spike so it is pliable. Then he alternates hammering between an anvil and a trip hammer to get the desired shape.

SLIDESHOW: Dollywood commemorative knife

Getting the desired thickness of the blade is his first task. Then he moves on to creating the decorative and functional handle.

“Twisting is one of the more simple things in blacksmithing, but you need to have an even heat,” he said as he twisted the metal.

As he worked, Fuller explained to Made in Tennessee and the crowd beginning to form that if the piece starts to loose color, it is getting too cool to work with and that means it’s back in the heat. It is only after all the major shaping is done, that it is important to let the piece cool down. Then he moves on to the finishing touches.

Fuller will sand the blade with six different belts, mark it with a serial number and then it is ready for sale.

“This is 29 of 100. We will never make this knife again,” he said as he showed off the finished product.

If you would like one of these knives they sell for just under $150 and Fuller says they are great for anything from collecting to hunting.

More online: Valley Forge and Foundry

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