Knoxville police release results from special program designed to decrease thefts, burglaries

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Thefts in North Knoxville dropped 70 percent according to Knoxville Police Department while one neighborhood used a special program designed to deter thefts and burglaries.

Previous story: Knoxville testing forensic marking system to reduce property crimes

SelectDNA uses a hi-tech forensic “nearly invisible” marking liquid to “tag” personal property. If the items are stolen and then recovered, police can trace them back to the rightful owner. Earlier this year, KPD partnered with Knoxville-based CSI Protect to distribute crime fighting kits and post warning signs in the Old North Knoxville neighborhood.

“It is clear this program has the potential to be a took for homeowners in the continuing fight to protect their property,” said Chief David Rausch. This local test phase marks the first time the forensic identification system has been used in the nation.

For more information on CSI Protect and the SelectaDNA program, visit their website.

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