Knoxville twins start costumed character company

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – When two University of Tennessee students needed a job that fit their schedule, they decided to start their own company.

Twin sisters Rachel and Laura Clift, 19-year-old theater majors, started Neverland & Company in February.

“We didn’t really want to get a normal job. We wanted to do something that we loved and something that we would always enjoy and that could bring joy to other people,” Laura Clift said.

With help from their mom, they make their own princess costumes and wigs and attend children’s parties and events dressed in character. The sisters started everything from the ground up, building their website, advertising on social media, networking and hiring and training other characters.

Slideshow: Photos from Neverland & Company

SLIDESHOW“There’s a lot more work into it than just us dressed up going,” Laura Clift said. The idea for the business first came in high school when they started going to Renaissance fairs dressed in costumes.

“There was so many kids that were so thrilled to see us, we couldn’t take five steps without a kid wanting a picture and wanting to talk to us and wanting to know where we came from, so just giving them something to believe in was so much fun,” Rachel Clift said.

“Find something you really love to do. Don’t give up on it. Find a way that you can make it happen and just go for it,” Laura said.

The sisters plan to add more characters and employees in the coming months.


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