Knoxville owner confident about business future despite IRS investigation

Marc Nelson Denim, 700 E. Depot Street

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Despite a criminal investigation, Marc Nelson Denim’s owner, Marc Hall said it is business as usual.

The high-end denim maker, located at 700 E. Depot Street, said he has not been charged with any crime after an IRS investigation at his business and home last week. “If there are taxes owed, we’ll gladly pay them” said Hall.

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Hall said, not only is Marc Nelson Denim open and in business, but they’re growing. “We’ve signed exciting new business just this week,” said Hall. He says he plans to expand the brand beyond 25 specialty stores located throughout the Southeast, to several chain and department stores.

“Obviously we hate what we are going through right now,” said Hall. “But we’re confident we will get through this and to continue to grow the brand and our business.”

The IRS confirmed a search warrant was issued at Marc Nelson Denim, along with Lonsdale Market and Deli, but could not elaborate on the nature of the investigation.

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