Knox County drug dealer pleads guilty to charges, sent to prison without parole

James Michael Young

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A repeat cocaine dealer was sent to prison by prosecutors in the 6th Judicial District’s Felony Drug Unit.

James Michael Young, 37, was arrested after selling powdered cocaine to undercover officers with the Drug Enforcement Administration and Knoxville Police Department.

Also known by the street name “Cracker,” Young pleaded guilty to five counts of sale of cocaine, with three of those sales happening in a Drug Free Zone.

Due to the Drug Free Zone charge, Young is not eligible for parole and must serve the whole sentence.

“The benefit of this agreement is that Young cannot be released from prison before he actually serves eight years. He is not eligible for bootcamp, safety valve, good time credit, or any other form of early release,” said General Charme Allen. “Eight years means eight years. Also, if the defendant ever commits another drug crime, he will face enhanced punishment as a habitual drug offender.”

Undercover agents recorded video of Young selling multiple ounces of cocaine for $800 per ounce between 2013 and early 2014.

The total street value of cocaine purchased from Young is around $13,000.

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