6 On Your Side Answers: Summer fun insurance needs

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The summer heat is here and with these warm months ahead, a lot of you will be taking to the open water, going on vacation or even taking a motorcycle for a spin. Have you evaluated what your insurance needs may be for sun and fun?

The Insurance Information Institute says safety does not take a summer break, and that includes knowing your risks. Since the vast majority of people often times give their insurance needs little thought, we want to remind you of insurance coverage to consider this summer.

If you have purchased a new watercraft or a boat for summer fun, you may find yourself taking on a boatload of risk. Home insurance or renter’s insurance may provide all the coverage you need. The premiums will depend on the type of boat you own and where you will use it. For example, sailboats cost less to insure and than risker speed boats.

The Insurance Information Institute says for larger and faster boats, or personal watercraft like jet skis, you’ll need a separate marine policy. The National Boat Owners Association says your age, credit history, driving record and whether you own or rent a home can affect your policy cost, too. Proper boat insurance will pay if your boat is accidentally lost or damaged and will cover damage or injuries to others.

If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle to rev up your summer recreation, you should weigh your coverage options first. All motorcyclists are required to have liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury that they may cause in an accident. Your accident history, where you ride, your age and how you store the bike all affect your motorcycle insurance premiums. and taking a safe-riding course makes you eligible for a discount

If you are going to rent a vehicle for a summer road trip, understand what your own auto insurance covers before you accept the rental company’s policy. The insurance sold at the rental counter typically includes, among other things, liability protection for lawsuits, personal accident insurance for medical or ambulance needs, and personal effects coverage for theft of your belongings in the car.

You may not need all of that. check your auto policy and your credit card agreement, which may provide some car rental coverage.

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