Tennessee Smokies, fans hit a ‘Home Run for Helen’ and The Love Kitchen

Helen Ashe threw out the first pitch.

KODAK (WATE) – Smokies Stadium was packed with people Thursday night from all over East Tennessee who are supporting the Love Kitchen and “Home Run for Helen.”

A portion of the proceeds from fans who purchased tickets using the code “Helen” was donated to the Love Kitchen. A grand total of $3,210 was raised.

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Helen Ashe made the first pitch of the game, and even tried to give the ball back to the Smokies, afraid they wouldn’t have a ball to play with.

Hundreds of fans packed Smokies Stadium.
Hundreds of fans packed Smokies Stadium.

It was clear this event meant a lot not only to The Love Kitchen, but also to the people who came out to support the group.

“It’s just incredible how much the community comes together to support the Love Kitchen and Helen Ashe. And when her sister was alive how much they supported both of them. It’s just unbelievable how much they do,” said Love Kitchen president Patrick Riggins.

The game was suspended in the fourth inning due to rain and a power outage at the stadium. The game is set to resume Friday at 6:05 p.m.

More than 20 years ago Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner co-founded The Love Kitchen, an organization that works to feed Knoxville’s homeless and home bound. Turner passed away in April.

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