Tenn. Senator says passing Insure Tennessee next session is a long shot

State Senator Rusty Crowe
NASHVILLE (WJHL) – Tennessee State Senator Rusty Crowe said he will continue to support Governor Bill Haslam’s health plan, Insure Tennessee.
Senator Crowe voted against Insure Tennessee while the bill was in committee, but voted in support of the plan when it hit the Senate floor. Crowe said that although Democrats are pushing the governor to reconvene lawmakers to revive his medicaid expansion, it will likely come back again next session, but passing it will be a long shot.
“It’s still alive, it comes up  next year in commerce committee and in finance committee, but it’s going to be very tough, because the members of those committees are very conservative and it’s an ideological, political problem,” said Crowe.
The Senator said he is convinced the governor’s plan is “totally different” than Obamacare and says what he likes about the plan is that it requires personal responsibility and accountability. He says the governor’s just going to have convince other lawmakers.
Records previously revealed the state paid $200,000 fro Crowe and his family’s health premiums since he enrolled in the plan in 1992. Crowe says the reason he’s at the top of the list is because he’s been around so long. He say the insurance coverage is the same coverage every other state employee receives for a family plan and is considered part of lawmakers’ salaries.

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