Don Dare honored by Boy Scouts of America

Don Dare Silver Antelope Award

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Many WATE 6 On Your Side viewers know Don Dare for his WATE 6 On Your Side investigations and his “Food For Thought” segment, but what you might not know is he is a tireless volunteer for the Boy Scouts.

Don Dare has been a volunteer for the Boy Scouts for over 25 years. He is also a board member for the Great Smoky Mountain Council. This week he was awarded the Silver Antelope Award by the National Boy Scout organization.

Presented by the National Court of Honor, the Silver Antelope Award honors Scouters of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service. It’s the highest award the scouts for the 13 states in the Southern region.

“It was presented last week in Atlanta with friends and family, but we thought it would be really exciting to come in with his work family that he spends so much time with and make sure you know what the national organization thinks of him, as well as our local organization.” said David M. Williams, a scouting executive with the Great Smoky Mountain Council. “We actually named our Eagle class after Don this past year. The world thinks a lot of Don, I know you do, but we wanted to make sure you knew how much the Boy Scouts think of him.”

Williams surprised Don Dare with a framed certificate. Don was a little late, due to a flat tire, but said he was honored to be presented with the award.

“I do this because I enjoy it and I do it because of you guys and what we believe in the Boy Scouts of America and helping young people,” said Don Dare. “That’s the important thing, is to help young men and women.”

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