Musician credits security guard for saving her during fall at Tennessee Theatre

(source: Instagram/Melissa Vargas)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A musician is recovering after being shaken up during a fall at the Tennessee Theatre Sunday night.

Annie Clark, known as St. Vincent, is known for taking risks on stage. After starting to climb a stack of speakers, one of them dislodged, causing her to fall back onto the stage. She lay there for a few minutes, then got up and assured everyone she was okay.

Video posted to Instagram shows the fall.

St. Vincent took to Twitter to thank security guard Patrick Green saying he “likely saved my life tonight.”

Patrick later responded, posting photos saying he was a little swollen but no headaches.

He went on to later post in a tweet sent to St. Vincent,”I truly believe God put me on this earth to protect people. I can’t take that much credit. thank you for your kind words.”

“In a lot of our events, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen on stage. And that’s why we have our security guards to expect the unexpected. This has not ever happened in the 11 years that i’ve been involved with the theater and I don’t expect it to happen again,” said Tennessee Theatre Executive Director Becky Hancock.

St. Vincent and Green are both reportedly doing fine.

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