Lenoir City residents ‘Rockin the Docks’ for Memorial Day

LENOIR CITY (WATE) – People relaxed on the shores of Fort Loudon lake Saturday for ‘Rockin the Docks’ 2015.  For some, this event is a yearly Memorial Day weekend tradition.

It’s the place to be if you ask Cayci Littleton because there are boats, food and music.

‘Rockin’ the Docks’ is a tradition for many people living in Lenoir City.


“It’s just something fun to do for the family. We come, we spend the day, we swim, we eat, we sit back and watch everybody else.  We kind of like to people watch,” she said.

Littleton and her six-year-old daughter have been coming out for the last five years.

“It just gives everybody something fun, something wholesome to do,” she said.

‘Rockin the Docks’ is more than just hamburgers and hot dogs for Chris Wampler.  He’s been an event sponsor since it all began more than 10 years ago. He’s cooking food to give to those who serve the Loudon County community.

Boats, food and fun at Lenoir City’s Rockin’ the Docks.


“We use it as a community event.  It’s one of the events we sponsor that we say thank you to the fire and police officers,” said Wampler.

It’s just a small token of appreciation during this Memorial holiday weekend.

“It’s an event that the county and this region look forward to every year,” said Wampler.

If you missed today’s fun, ‘Rocking the Docks’ will back at the Fort Loudon Lake for the fourth of July.

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