Teen rams pickup truck in North Knoxville home, charged with DUI

Officers responded to 1416 Adair Drive on a vehicle that had crashed into a house.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A teen crashed his truck into a utility pole then in a North Knoxville home late Thursday night.

William Smith, 18, ran off the road and crashed into a home on Adair Drive around midnight.

William D. Smith (Photo: Knoxville Police Department)
William Smith (Photo: Knoxville Police Department)

“We woke up, of course, to the loud noise but we also woke up and the house was full of smoke. And our ADT system was going off alerting us there was an emergency,” said homeowner Mona Hopson. “My husband and I were running up and down the hall. We didn’t know what to expect and finally, he looked out the den window. He said there’s a truck sitting halfway in the den.”

“I just saw all the smoke and I said, we’ve got a fire and I didn’t know where but that was the only thing, I could think of and our course we were running up and down the hall barefoot kicking everything because the hall was full of debris,” said Hopson. “Over there is the recliner that I sit in a lot, I read and watch TV here and everything is just gone.”

The driver was on Adair Drive when he ran off the road and struck a utility pole then kept going into the home. The crash caused quite a bit of damage.

“We need to make sure there is no foundation damage, nothing is working right now, we’re having to wait for an adjuster to come and view it before we can do anything, we have no water and we have no power,” said Hopson.

There’s a long road ahead for the Hopson family but Mona says she’s glad everyone is okay.

“I feel blessed that fact that neither he or I were hurt and I’m grateful the young man wasn’t hurt, he’s a young person and hopefully has a long life to live,” said Hopson.

William J. Smith, 18, ran off the road and crashed his 1988 Chevy pickup truck into a home located at 1416 Adair Drive around midnight on Thursday.


No one was injured and Smith was charged with DUI.

Crews from the Knoxville Utility Board worked overnight while Adair Drive was closed. The road has now reopened.

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