Campbell County animal cruelty suspect says she’s not to blame

Scarlet continues to improve. (source: FCCA)

LAFOLLETTE (WATE) – A Campbell County woman charged with abusing a three-month-old puppy found with severe mange is speaking out, claiming it wasn’t her fault.

Carla Gibson was arrested Monday night along with her son Tyler Seibert, 23, for the neglect and abuse of the puppy, named Scarlet. Gibson says she wants everyone to know the truth.

“I’m innocent,” said Gibson.

Scarlet continues to improve. (source: FCCA)
Scarlet continues to improve. (source: FCCA)

She says she didn’t have anything to do with the mistreatment of Scarlet. The infection cost her an eye and left her skin falling off.

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“The dog wasn’t even mine. It did not belong to me. It belonged to my 23-year old son,” said Gibson.

However, Scarlet the dog did live in the same home with Gibson and her son Seiber. She says he’s the one who should take the blame.

“It’s not fair to me,” she said.

Carla Gibson
Carla Gibson

Owning two dogs of her own, Gibson says she would never hurt an animal.

“I’m an animal lover, I love animals,” she said.

She says she was the first person to try to help the dog.

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“I’m the one that put her Facebook to try to get help. I’m the one that called the law when she got run over.”

Friends of Campbell County Animals say none of Scarlet’s injuries are consistent with being run over by a car, but were all caused by mange.

While Gibson says she isn’t guilty, one of her neighbors says she played a role in the neglect of Scarlet.

“It’s hard to believe people could let a dog suffer through that and not care about it,” said Brandon Elkins.

He believes Gibson could have done more. He says he even tried to help out.

“I called three times to try to get somebody to get them but I guess they couldn’t find the trailer park.”

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Gibson will see a judge on May 19 and says she will plead not guilty. Friends of Animal County Animals says Scarlet is doing better and getting stronger every day.

More online: Follow Scarlet’s recovery on Facebook

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