West Knox County residents battling awful smell in neighborhoods

FARRAGUT (WATE) – WATE 6 On Your Side has been hearing complaints about the smell around some West Knox County neighborhoods. Some aren’t far from a landfill, but neighbors have different explanations for the source of the problem.

The landfill is off Yarnell Road near Lovell Road in a growing part of the county with lots of new and recently built homes.

Neighbors say they’ve been complaining for months about an awful smell. Some say it’s the landfill and others say it’s the creek that runs through their neighborhood.

Hickory Creek
Hickory Creek

Kerri Hennen and her neighbors in Yarnell Station in Farragut are trying to figure out where the odor is coming from. Her husband is the president of the local homeowners association.

They’ve lived in the neighborhood for almost two years and sometimes that stench can be unbearable.

“Rotten egg smell every now and then. It seems like some nights it’s more prevalent than others or early in the morning it’s more prevalent than others,” said Hennen.

Hennen and other neighbors believe it could be coming from either Hickory Creek or the landfill on Lamons Quarry Lane. Neighbors went to the West Knox Utility District to see if it could be the water.

Emails between neighbors and the utility show that they believe their sewer system and pump stations are not the source of the odor. Instead, they point to failed septic systems and possibly the landfill.

Yarnell Demolition Landfill
Yarnell Demolition Landfill

To figure out this situation, neighbors have been in touch with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation or TDEC about the issue. The homeowners association is also forming a committee to work with other communities experiencing the smell.

Hennen said she’s most concerned about keeping her family safe.

“It goes back to the safety of ourselves and our children and our property value. What else is in the creek that we don’t know about and what are they not being honest about and who’s to blame?,” said Hennen.

Calls placed to Volunteer Waste Hauling, which manages the landfill were not returned for comment.

A TDEC spokesperson said Tuesday that both TDEC and West Knox Utility District have been notified and are investigating.

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