One Tank Trips: Sevierville’s Forbidden Caverns

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) – Did you know that Tennessee is home to the most registered caves in the United States?

Deep in Sevier County lies a place that has been taking tourists and East Tennesseans underground for decades, The Forbidden Caverns.

Since 1967 these caves served as a tourist attraction for those coming to Sevierville, but they were in use well before that.

“We do know that the very first people were in the Woodlands Indians, native to the Cherokee Indians and they came down to stay in the cave when it got a little cold out so they could stay her in the 58 degrees compared to the 17-18 degrees that we are used to in East Tennessee,” said Chris Hunt with the Forbidden Caves.

Fast forward some time, the dark and damp caverns found a new use.

“There’s always a moonshine connection. They would hide out down here. They say from 1919 to all the way to about 1943,” added Hunt.

“Usually they are in amazement when they get down here. They will be looking around in all the great formations. It’s almost like a new place for them because more people have never been inside here before,” said Hunt.

Be prepared to bundle up just a bit. The temperature drops when you are underground.

“It’s chilly down here. It’s 58 degrees,” said Hunt. “Some people, especially our Florida people, they are chilly down here. When they come from Michigan it’s a little different.

The Forbidden Caverns are open April through November, Monday through Saturday.


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