Rossini Festival takes over downtown Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The Rossini Festival taking over more than a dozen blocks of downtown Knoxville this weekend bringing hundreds of entertainers to East Tennessee. WATE 6 On Your Side is one of the event sponsors. The 14th annual event took place on Gay Street and Market Square.

Face painting, games, dancing, food and plenty of culture. The Rossini Festival is all about supporting the Knoxville Opera and the arts in our community. Amy Misenhimer tells us coming to the festival every year is a tradition for her family.

“It falls right on the cuffs of spring time and so the weather is beautiful and the kids have an amazing time doing activities and crafts and the food is amazing too,” said Misenhimer.

Oasis Dancers have been dancing in the festival for thirteen years, Whitney Kaul says a lot prep goes into putting on a good show.

“We do a lot fusion dances like the one that’s going on now,” said Whitney Kaul. Lots of practice every week, you know putting the dances together, learning the choreography and also we have  a lot of costume accessories going on so the day of you get up early and do your make-up and your hair and look at glizty and flirty as possible.”

Overall everyone had their favorite reason on what keeps them coming back.

“Getting my face painted,” said Zoe Misenhimer.

“Learning about the opera and exposing the kids to the different food from different cultures has really been fun, we loved watching the dancing as well,” Amy Misenhimer.

“of course the food of course is the best, all the displays and exhibits are really nice and the opera music its awesome and really fun,” said Linda Welch.

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