One Tank Trips: The Hermitage in Nashville

NASHVILLE (WATE) – Imagine a life 200 years ago. Life on the battlefield, cookhouse in place of kitchens and slave quarters out on the plantation. It’s how the Andrew Jackson, known as “The People’s President” spent his life in Tennessee.

Those aspects can be seen at the Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee.

An impressive two story, 13 room mansion sits on more than 1,000 acres.

Every day, hundreds of guests line up, eager to get a glimpse of the place former U.S. President Andrew Jackson once called home.

“Each piece of the collection has a story to tell, just like Jackson, his story is something that’s right out of a movie,” said vice president of marketing and sales at the Hermitage Jason Nelson.

This is what makes the Hermitage so enticing.

Nearly 200,000 people visit each year. One of those visitors is Bruce Derrick. He’s a retired history teacher from New York.

Slideshow: The Hermitage


“Jackson happened to be one of my favorite presidents because he was the common president, the common man and the whole area brings it to life,” said Derrick.

This area is also a popular place for field trips.

Kids can check out Jackson’s carriage and read his old books, as they learn the tumultuous history of our seventh president.

“Jackson was a very, very difficult figure in American history,” said Nelson. “He was a man of his times. Jackson was part of Indian removal and he owned slaves here at the Hermitage. We tell that story because we feel it’s an opportunity to educate future generations.”

To paint the picture of Jackson, guests tour his 19th century mansion, which is the most authentically preserved early presidential home. A short walk through the garden brings you to his family’s cemetery.

“It just lends itself to what life was, you know, 200 years ago,” said Fred Eggleston from Memphis.

By simply stepping a foot inside the Hermitage, generations see how far our country’s come.

Despite the museum opening up in the late 1800s, it’s staying up-to-date with modern times. This year, the Hermitage displayed the new exhibit called Andrew Jackson Born for a Storm. Audio and iPad tours are also available for guests.

General admission is $20. the Hermitage also offers events, like Fall Fest and seasonal ghost tours. It’s also a popular wedding venue.

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