From Canada to Knoxville, Poutine Mobile is a hit

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Despite the rain, the Poutine Mobile, parked in front of McKay’s Books in West Knoxville was busy with customers. Owners Annie Brier and David Guevremont were busy cooking and serving up freshly cut french fries, hot gravy or sauce and cheese curds.

“They call it a Poutnine because in French it means a big mess,” said Brier. The “big mess” can be topped with an egg, bacon, pulled pork or bbq sauce, the options are really endless, but to be an authentic there is one thing the dish can’t be without. “It’s the cheese curds,” Annie explained. “That’s how you know you have an authentic one, it’s the cheese curds used in the Poutine. Sometimes you see imitations of poutines with mozzarella or things like that. it’s a good try, but not a real one!”


The couple moved from Canada to Tennessee just to start their food truck. In September, they got rolling and set it was quite the learning experience. They explained how they figured out the hard way to tie down all their kitchen supplies, “Both fridge doors opened, sauce was everywhere on the ground.”

They now have locks the fridge doors and they have landed into a pretty steady routine.  They set up at McKays Books off Papermill Thursday-Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. They also attend festivals like the Dogwood Arts Festival this month.

For those hesitant to try the northern delicacy, the Poutnine Mobile has a guide hanging off the truck. Owners say their customers are never disappointed. “Some are skeptical at first,” said Brier. “So they share one and they always come back for more!”

One day the couple hopes to open a brick and mortar restaurant, but for now they are just having fun on the food truck living out their dream.

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