Sevier Co. animal clinic warning pet owners to be on lookout for stolen medications

SEYMOUR (WATE) – After a weekend burglary, a Sevier County veterinarian is warning pet owners to be careful buying pet medications.

Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic in Seymour. The burglary happened Saturday morning. Veterinarians said they fear those medications could end up being sold online.


Dr. Lindsey Hill was one of the first to get to work Saturday morning to find the door to their office busted open and almost all of their flea, tick and heartworm medications missing.

“It is a high cost product,” said Hill. “Depending on which one they’re taking, it could be between $15-22 a month, and if you’re talking about buying a box of six months, you’re well into $100-120.” Veterinarians said the burglar could turn around and sell stolen medication online or at flea markets.

“Things like Trifexis, Comfortis, and Soresto collars. Those are all things you should be getting from your veterinarian,” said Hill. “We have no idea where they might show up whether they’re at flea markets or Craigslist.”


WATE 6 On Your Side found a couple sale ads for both Comfortis and Trifexis on Craigslist. Neither were in the East Tennessee area.

While it does not necessarily mean those items were stolen, Hill said getting high cost medications from a third price might save money, it could hurt your pet. “Things like Trifexis include heartworm prevention, and if your pet is heartworm positive and you give them a heartworm preventative it can cause a lot of bad reactions,” said Dr. Hill.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the break-in at Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic. Veterinarians say many of those products have serial numbers that can be traced back to the clinic they came from.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office said a similar theft happened April 5 at Butler Animal Clinic in Knoxville. A burglar pried open the door to the clinic and stole about $6,000 worth of flea, tick and heartworm medications.

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