Knox County School Board approves new middle school for Gibbs community

Knox County School Board

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – During a special meeting on Monday, Knox County school board members approved a proposal for a new middle school in the Gibbs community.

Board chairman, Mike McMillan, proposed that the district’s capital improvement plan include an amendment to build a new middle school in the Gibbs area. The school would house 800 students, but board members struggled with the idea of it costing possibly $30 million and that it would be paid for by Knox County.

The amendment was approved despite Superintendent Dr. McIntyre’s recommendation. Citing data and analysis, McIntyre said there wasn’t a need for a middle school in that area. He did recommend a new middle school in the Hardin Valley area. McMillan’s proposal would have the two schools built at the same time.

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“There’s a lot of community support for it, a lot of community interest in it, but I think they also acknowledged the financial challenges and constraints that the school system is under and so this is a bit of a compromise,” said Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County Schools Superintendent.

“We are thrilled and excited and delighted and so very thankful to all the school board members who voted to put a new middle school in the Gibbs community,” said Lisa Starbuck of Gibbs. “We’re hopeful though that county commission will find the money and fund these new schools because I know they’re sorely needed.”

More onlineFiscal Year 2016 Capital Budget and Planning Priorities

The idea will now move on to the Knox County commission. If both middle schools are approved by commissioners, they’re expected to be finished by 2019.


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