Bill to decriminalize cannabis oil passes TN Legislature with no opposition

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A bill that would legalize cannabis oil for families in Tennessee has passed both the Tennessee House and Senate with no opposition.

The Senate had 26 ‘yes’ votes and the House had 95 ‘yes’ votes. The proposal is sponsored by State Rep. Jeremy Faison would help people who suffer from seizures.

“We’re relieved and so thrilled, we work so hard and we’re just overjoyed that we can bring some life back into these babies and give them exactly what they need, said Stacie Mathis

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Josie suffers from seizures that medications can't seem to cure.
Josie suffers from seizures that medications can’t seem to cure.

East Tennessee native, Stacie Mathis said the bill would change her family’s live forever. Her one-year-old, Josie, was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and infantile spasms last April. She is taking four medications with damaging long term side effect. The regimen has kept the seizures to a minimum, but they haven’t stopped.

Mathis said her daughter, Josie, has 50-100 seizures a day and she has run is out of medical options. She says the passing of the cannabis oil bill couldn’t come at a better time. “If we can significantly reduce it or stop them all together that’s all we ask,” said said overjoyed.

“Tonight we proved that you can appeal to your legislator and move heaven and earth and we did that tonight, it gives me hope in the legislative process,” said Representative Jeremy Faison.

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