New season, new problems for your pets

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Though many of us are looking forward to spring bringing warmer weather and longer days, our pets may not be. Spring also brings the return of fleas and other dangerous parasites to pets.

Veterinarian Lisa Hepworth says the spring can pose many dangers to dogs and cats. These nasty parasites can affect your pets health in a variety of ways such as giving them heart worms or other preventable disease.

Hepworth says preventative medications and vaccines are the best way to protect your pets.

“I do recommend going into your veterinarian to get tested for heart-worm disease,” said Hepworth. “If you have missed a few doses of heart-worm prevention throughout the winter, that disease does get spread through infected mosquitoes. So with the warmer weather coming, it is important to get that prevention back on board because that is an easily preventable disease.”

Hepworth also said that taking preventative measures for your pets is vital for their health.

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