Knoxville rally protests campaign spending

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A group of activists gathered in Downtown Knoxville calling on President Obama to issue an executive order disclosing campaign spending.

Dozens of demonstrators joined Shine the Light movement Saturday at Krutch Park. The organization wants the President to issue the order to force contractors who do business with the government to disclose their campaign spending donations. The group claims this practice has lead to corporate corruption in the awarding of certain government contracts.

“What it boils down to is we need change in our government system the average American we can’t survive right now where we’re at, people need to get involved in their government, they need to understand what’s going on,” said Rhonda Cowden.

“Democracy is important to me and in order to be in democracy everybody needs to have a voice, the trouble in today’s democracy is with our campaign finance laws as they are, voices are not equal because supreme courts decided money was speech and so we’re here specifically to support an executive order,” said Lucy Greer.

President Barack Obama can sign an executive order where contractors would have show political spending dollars and people would be able to see which elected officials are getting the greatest contributions.

“Campaign finance is important, maybe boring but it’s is important, that’s my my money and that’s your money and we want to know where on earth that is going,” said Greer.

Rallies are scheduled to be held Saturday in 50 cities and towns, in 25 states, throughout the country.


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