Vols fans adjusting to another coaching change

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Vols fans have to adapt to another coaching change.

“I’m really excited about it. He’s a really experienced coach. He’s made the NCAA tournament and he brings a lot of stability to our program,” said Vols fan Greg Butcher.

Rick Barnes is a new name to a lot of fans.

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“To be honest I don’t really know that much about him. That says more about me than him,” said Kelsey Keny.

But as they learn more, his record as a head coach at schools throughout the country is speaking for itself.

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“I know he’s a good recruiter. I think he had the number one recruiting class in the Big 12, so hopefully he can snag some of those guys and bring them here,” said Vols fan Garrett Webb.

“I’m really excited! Rick Barnes definitely brings a tradition and stability to the program. Very well accomplished and established coach. I think it’s a great hire by UT going out there and trying to get somebody who knows how to win,” said another fan Brandon Carpenter.

Stability is a popular word right now among fans who say after three coaches in three years, they are ready to see someone stick around.

“As a student, I want to see consistency. I want to see us make the NCAA tournament every year. I think that’s an expectation that we should be able to meet at a school like Tennessee and I think Rick Barnes can bring that,” said Butcher.

Now after the loss of one coach and quick hire of another, fans are hoping the team can keep moving forward.

“This is going to be a shift. This is going to be another transition for them, but I think they’re the type of guys who can just take it and run. I really hope they do that. I’ll be cheering for them next year!” said Keny.

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