Union County Humane Society needs help with socializing hoarded dogs

MAYNARDVILLE (WATE) – More than 100 dogs were taken from a home on Raccoon Valley Road in Union County earlier this month. Those dogs are now staying at a few animal shelters across East Tennessee, including in Knoxville. Some have even been shipped to Indiana.

Of the 136 dogs taken away from Michael and Teresa Nichols home a few weeks ago, 11 of them are still at the Union County Humane Society.

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“They’re actually doing well, considering the situation they came from and the circumstances. They’re doing quite well,” said Tammy Rouse, the animal shelter’s executive director.vlcsnap-2015-03-31-22h17m31s212

Unfortunately, not all the dogs were saved.

“We did have to euthanize 12,” she said.

Rouse says they were put down because of health or behavior issues. She would like for all the dogs to be in a loving home.

“I’m very hopeful that all of the dogs will be adopted,” she said.

Slideshow: Union County rescued dogs


Shadow and Buster are two of the rescued dogs that Rouse has built relationships with.

“One on one attention is wonderful for these guys and there are just so many hours of the day that our staff can do that,” she said.

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Not all of the dogs are as social as Buster, and that’s why the Union County Humane Society needs more volunteers. They can help socialize these dogs so that they can be adopted.

“We welcome folks with some time on their hands to come up and volunteer to sit with them, pet them. We have managed to give them all a bath and a haircut for all those who need it,” said Rouse.

Rouse says within two to three days the dogs will be available on the shelter’s website for adoption.

More online: Union County Humane Society

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