New UT basketball coach Rick Barnes starting his third shade of orange

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Rick Barnes has been through a few shades of orange. First, there was Clemson and then there was Texas. The experts on UT’s campus say Tennessee orange is the preferred shade.

As assistant director of the Volshop, Drew Sims deals in this vibrant, energetic shade all day.

“For a couple reasons, orange looks better on our fans than their fans. Our fans look better in orange. And there’s nothing better than a Tennessee girl in Tennessee orange on game day,” Sims explained.

Drew Sims
Drew Sims

“This isn’t quality orange (points at Clemson). This is orange (points at Tennessee). This is burnt orange (points at Texas). This is orange (points at Tennessee),” said student Uel Shanklin.

“I’ve lived almost my whole life in Orange County, California. So I know a lot about orange. This is orange (points to Tennessee orange). Not Texas. Not Clemson,” explained UT parent Penny Valenzuela.

“For me, it brings out my hair color. For Rick Barnes, I think he’ll look good in it too,” said Myranda Hoskins, a senior.

To take this investigation a little more in-depth, we asked our graphics team to put together an image, giving you a look at Barnes in a Tennessee jersey.Barnesphotoshopped

The Tennessee colors were picked out all the way back in 1891, and were said to be the colors of the common American daisy that grew on campus.

“So they chose that as our school colors, and went away from the black and white,” Sims said.

“Texas orange looks dried up, and Clemson orange doesn’t even look like orange,” said student Chima Onwaka.

“There’s a lot of other schools that get annoyed at Tennessee orange because it is so in your face,” said Sims.

Now Coach Barnes knows why it’s time to toss out all the other shades of orange, and invest in Tennessee.

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