Free Wi-Fi directory for students in Blount County, Alcoa and Maryville Schools

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Blount County, Alcoa and Maryville Directors of Schools are encouraging businesses and other community organizations to share Wi-Fi with students who may not have access at home.

The push comes ahead of the release of 5,000 digital devices to students in Maryville City Schools. The school participated in a survey and found pockets where a high percentage of students did not have access to the internet.

Based on that data, staff worked to reach out to churches, non-profit organizations and businesses to help provide Wi-Fi in the early evening and on weekends for students needing to complete homework and school projects.

“The response we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we are encouraged that our goal to give all students access to the internet within a block or two of their homes is certainly doable,” said Maryville Director of Communication Sharon Anglim.

To sign-up to participate or to view the directory visit or call 865-982-7121.

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