Flames shoot through roof at Fountain City house fire

PHOTO: Knoxville Police Department

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville Police Department was forced to temporarily close Jacksksboro Pike while firefighters worked a house fire in Fountain City. Investigators say Irby Chandler, a homeless man, is charged with arson for this fire.

At 9:30 a.m., when Knoxville Fire Department arrived at 3047 Gibbs Drive, firefighters said flames were shooting through the left side of the roof.

Firefighters did a check of the house, finding no victims, while other crews took water lines up to the attic.  Firefighters say Chandler was staying in the home illegally and started the fire in front of the fireplace to stay warm, but he lost control of it.

Jacksboro Pike, between Essary and Kesterwood Drive was temporary closed by Knoxville police.

The fire was out 15 minutes after firefighters arriving on scene according to Knoxville fire. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters remind everyone if they own vacant property to check it regularly.

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