Bible returned to Kentucky woman 17 years after she lost it

PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) – A woman was reunited with one of her most prized possessions after nearly two decades. She now wants to find the person who made sure her bible got back in her hands.

Kate West said her grandparents gave it to her as a birthday present when she was a teenager. She accidentally left the bible in a pew at First Baptist Church in Portland 17 years ago. She didn’t see it again until this week.

Note left in bible
Note left in bible

On Friday, West received a call from her church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, saying the bible was there.

A note was left inside the bible. It said, “I was on a retreat and didn’t have a bible. I was given this one. While the bible is a beautiful story so was the story of the girl that belonged to the bible.”

It was signed “Sally” but a last name wasn’t included.

“I’m so overwhelmed because to me that is something no one ever had to do,” West told News 2. “I am so thrilled she did this and honestly would like to just give her a hug and thank her.”

Sally was able to locate West by picking up clues inside the bible. West’s maiden name was inside along with an envelope with the address of her church in Bowling Green.

Now West is trying to use clues so she can find Sally.

“Part of me would love to know her story and what the other side of the story is with the bible,” said West.

She asks that anyone who might know who Sally is to contact her on Facebook.

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