Hawkins County churches distribute free drug test kits


ROGERSVILLE (WKPT) – “Give Me a Reason” is an effort by Operation Unite and HIDTA to combat drug abuse in the United States.

Churches in Hawkins County are offering free, saliva-based drug kits.

Sheldon Livesay with of One Accord Ministries in Rogersville says it’s simple.

“This is the drug testing kit. You pull the swab out, you run that swab around the cheeks and the tongue of the child you’re testing. You put the swab back in, you push it all the way down, you make a 90 degree turn. And there’s five drugs on this side. Those will have a mark on them showing for any drugs that are positive in a child’s system,” Livesay told WKPT.

It also includes a handout with pointers on how to talk to your child or grandchild about drugs.

The kits are non-punitive.

“We don’t keep any information. A parent comes in and all we’re going to do is simple give them a drug-testing kit. We’re not going to get their name. We’ll never know if it was positive or negative,” says Livesay.

Livesay is one of many people trying to positively impact the next generation.

“We hope that parents will be talking to their kids. And letting them know how important it is, what their expectations are. Monitoring is… if we could get every parent monitoring and providing some good messages, we would not have this problem for other people to solve,” says Alice McCaffery with the Anti-Drug Coalition.

Solving through prevention, intervention, and treatment.

“Tennessee has greater things that we can be known for… other than a drug problem,” says Livesay.

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