Wife, friend testify against Campbell County snake-handling preacher on assault, reckless endangerment charges

JACKSBORO (WATE) – A former snake-handling preacher was back in court Thursday on assault and reckless endangerment charges.

Andrew Hamblin was featured on a reality show and his snake-handling put him at odds with state wildlife officials, but it was an alleged domestic incident and gunshots that sent him to jail last weekend, accused of firing a gun in the direction of his wife and children.

WATE 6 On Your Side cameras were the only ones in court as Elizabeth Hamblin and Jeremey Henegar took the stand Thursday detailing their accounts of what happened Sunday afternoon.

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Both Henegar and Elizabeth Hamblin say it all started in Jellico when they were leaving the park with four of the Hamblins kids.

They say Andrew Hamblin showed up, passing them on their way out.

Andrew Hamblin
Andrew Hamblin

“He stuck his head out the window, and he smiled real big and then he flashed a gun,” said Henegar.

Elizabeth Hamblin and Henegar both testified they drove back to Elizabeth’s mother’s house, and Andrew Hamblin showed up there just a few minutes later.

They say he then fired two shots out his car window–one into the air, and one towards Jeremey Henegar.

Elizabeth Hamblin
Elizabeth Hamblin

“I was screaming at Andrew to stop, that the kids was outside, and when Jeremey like brought (his shotgun) out of the door to point it toward Andrew, that’s when Andrew fired the second shot toward Jeremey,” said Elizabeth Hamblin.

“Whenever he fired the second shot, I hit the ground,” said Henegar.

Andrew Hamblin was charged with one count of aggravated assault and six counts of felony reckless endangerment because six people, including some of the Hamblins’ children, were outside when the shots were fired.

His attorney does not think anyone besides Henegar was in any danger.

“Andrew didn’t intend to hit anybody except Jeremey did he?” his attorney asked Elizabeth Hamblin on the stand.She answered, “Just Jeremey.”

He then asked, “That’s the only person that was put in danger wasn’t it?” Elizabeth Hamblin answered, “Well his kids was outside.”

“I was outside,” the attorney retorted. “You weren’t there,” said Elizabeth Hamblin.

Jeremey Henegar
Jeremey Henegar

Henegar admitted to having an on and off relationship with Elizabeth Hamblin since the Hamblins separated last year, and he says it is not the first time Andrew Hamblin has made death threats towards him.

“When (Elizabeth) was in the hospital, he come up and asked where I was, and people said that I was not there. And he said that if I was there, that he would gut me,” said Henegar.

After all that testimony, the judge said she will be reviewing the evidence in the case and another court date will be set.

The judge also granted orders of protection for Elizabeth Hamblin and Henegar for one year.

Hamblin is still being held on $200,000 bond.

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