Bill that would allow students to keep guns on college campuses, dies in State House

NASHVILLE (WATE) – A bill that would allow students to keep guns in their cars on school or college campuses is now dead.

Previous story: Knoxville police chief voices concerns during state Senate committee meeting on guns

House Bill 481 would have allowed handgun-carry permit holders to transport and store a firearm and ammunition in their car while on any school or college campus.

Ultimately, the bill failed in the Civil Justice Committee.

Knoxville police chief David Rausch, who attended the meeting, has voices his concerns about guns on college campuses.

“The question is why do you need a gun if you’re on a campus?” he said. “I see why people point to things, like Virginia Tech, and those kind of areas. I would tell those kinds of situations are unique. They don’t happen everyday, thank goodness. I think they get deterred by things like strong law enforcement presence. I know the University of Tennessee does a great job at showing presence there and keeping things safe.”

Our sister station WKRN in Nashville reports University of Tennessee president Joe DiPietro attended the session as well.

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