Massachusetts billboard has state rep. ‘all riled up’

(Photo: State Rep. Carole Fiola)

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — A Fall River state representative is calling on Gulf Electricity to remove a billboard in the city.

The advertisement features a woman’s leg, clad with a high heel, flipping on a light switch, with the words, “Are we turning you on yet?”

State Rep. Carole Fiola of Fall River was “all riled up” by the billboard and took to social media, saying “This billboard in Fall River sets women back 50 years. Gulf Electricity please take it down.”

While some people applauded Fiola, others thought her reaction was an overreaction.

“Outrageous! But so common. Women are used and abused by the advertisement industry. So confusing to young girls/women to get a healthy sense of self and sexuality when bombarded by these images in magazines, TV, internet and billboards,” one person commented.

“I see nothing wrong with this billboard. We need our politicians tackling real issues. SMH,” another person wrote.

Eyewitness News has contacted Gulf Electricity for a response. We will update this story once we hear from them.