Flooding closes some East Tennessee roadways

JELLICO (WATE) – The weather system that’s bringing wintry precipitation to East Tennessee has also brought flooding to some areas.

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One lane of State Route 9 in Campbell County between North Chaska Lane and Knotty Pine Lane is closed due to flooding. State Route 297 in Campbell County is also closed because of flooding.

State Route 33 in Hancock County is closed between Kyles Ford and Sneedville for the same reason, as is Highway 63 near Parkey Cemetery.

Officials in Hancock County are asking people to stay off the roadways if at all possible.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency says several cars were washed into the river on Powell River Road and the people inside had to be rescued.

Powell River floods Powell River Road.


Tazewell resident Keith Poore says he’s been watching the river rise steadily since Wednesday.

“Usually it’s not even close to being this rapid. It’s usually just 15 to 20 feet deep, but right now it’s flowing out of its banks and it’s in rough shape.

Poore’s house is on a hill, so it would take a lot of water to reach him, but it wouldn’t take a lot more water for him to be stranded.

“It’s kind of unusual,” he said.”It happened maybe five or six years ago about like this, but it was in the summertime, so it wasn’t that bad.”

Losing land to the raging river has been a problem for Kendra Epperson from Tazewell.

“It’s on the field for our horses. They’re up there at the top so they’re not in the water.”

She’s keeping a close eye on the changes from the window of her home, just in case they need to evacuate.

“It kind of scares me,” she said. “If it gets any closer to the house, we’ll probably have to move.”

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