Many Knoxville residents ready for winter weather to be over

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It’s no surprise that after repeated hits of snow, ice and brutal cold temperatures, people are dreading another storm and say spring can’t come soon enough.

It’s been several weeks since people have been out and about, dining outdoors, wearing short sleeves and enjoying the temperatures outside at Market Square, but the winter weather isn’t quite over with freezing temps and snow in the forecast.

“No don’t even bring it up. Oh I’m so tired of snow. I’m so tired of it,” said Kerri Owens.

The winter weather didn’t just cause people to have cabin fever. It also caused some businesses to lose revenue. Earth to Old City in Market Square lost 50 percent in their sales over those two weeks of winter weather.

“As a store we have been open every snow day. We’ve come in and whoever can make it has kept our store hours. We just haven’t seen as many people,” said Earth to Old City owner Paula West.

West says in the snow the sidewalks are shoveled and she clears a path to her store but there just isn’t the foot traffic for business. While her business remained open in the snow her kids’ schools were closed. West says her kids were home on snow days for two weeks.

“They don’t want it to run into their summer days either so I think they’ve had enough snow days to last them,” said West.

Kerri Owens teaches after school programs to students in Knox County. She says she and most of her students are over the snow.

“We are so far behind in the stuff we are doing. The kids are not as wild as I thought they would be but you can tell they are very glad to be back,” said Owens.

We could only find one person to tell us that more snow was okay. He said he hikes the Smokies in the snow so he can put up with it at home in Knoxville.

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