People in Tellico Plains remember 2012 tornado

People in Tellico Plains remember 2012 tornado

TELLICO PLAINS (WATE) – Monday will make three years since an EF2 tornado touched down in Tellico Plains. More than 100 homes were either damaged or destroyed.

People there remember March 2, 2012 like it was yesterday.

“This little town, you think, did it blow it off the map because there’s not much here it’s a small community,” said Misten Slemp.

Slemp says she immediately called to check on loved ones. She’s thankful no one was seriously hurt despite all the damage.

“The most disturbing thing I saw was an actual trailer that had been lifted up and moved somewhere else.”

“They always said there would never be a tornado in Tellico Plains because the mountains would knock it off,” said Commissioner Harold Hawkins.

Hawkins says his hometown is looking better and has improved safety measures, including installing tornado sirens donated by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

“Over the last three years Tellico Plains has come back strong, rebuilt strong, better than it was, had a lot of help.”

Still, Hawkins says the 2012 tornado serves as a reminder of what can happen.

“Every time it gets bad weather anymore people get fearful from it,” Hawkins said.

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