1 in 8 women suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville mother says postpartum depression and anxiety is a lot more common than most people think, but can be overlooked.

KnoxMommy blogger Jamie Fromberger said she sufferer from postpartum depression with each of her three boys, specifically with her oldest son.

He had colic- and I don’t mean “cry for a few hours a few times a week”, I mean “13 hours+ EVERY day, taken to the ER once weekly with the same diagnosis: severe colic”. Expensive formula, no sleep, and ZERO bonding; I was the poster child to what PPD looked and felt like. I hated my life, hated my child, hated my husband- you name it, I was angry.

Fromberger said symptoms include sadness, hopelessness, low self esteem, sleep disturbances, exhaustion emptiness, the inability to feel pleasure that you normally would have, social withdraw, becoming easily frustrated and an overall feeling of having an inadequate relationship with your child.

The Knoxville mother said postpartum depression can affect dads as well.

“Their bodies are not going as through as many changes as women are going through, but their life just completely adjusts,” said Fromberger. “They’re losing time with their spouse, and not in a possessive way, but just because they’re not used to it.”

There are several support groups for both women and men according to Fromberger. Twice a week their is a free phone session for new parents. The session is facilitated by a licensed mental health professional. For resources on joining visit Fromberger’s blog

The bottom line, according to Fromberger, is that if you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.

“If you feel like you or your baby is in danger,” said Fromberger, “never hesitate, never go to a support page, call 9-1-1.”

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