9 inches of snow reported in Townsend; other cities report high snowfall totals

Snow in Townsend

TOWNSEND (WATE) – As much as nine inches of snow was reported in parts of East Tennessee after Wednesday night’s snowfall in the area, according to the WATE 6 On Your Side Storm Team.

The highest report was in Townsend at nine inches. Seven inches were reported in parts of McMinn County.

Six inches of snow was reported in Knoxville.

More online: Snowfall totals in East Tennessee [Map]

We wanted to see how folks in Townsend were handling this latest round of winter weather.

You wouldn’t expect to see a salon open early in the morning after snow, but surprisingly it was.

“It started snowing before we got home and we couldn’t get home last night,” said Betty Riley owner of River Valley Salon.

The salon was open Thursday morning and the walkways were in pretty good shape.

“I just didn’t have anything else to do because everybody cancelled,” added Riley.

There was one surprise.

“He said ‘Can I get my haircut?’ And I said ‘Sure! Come on in!’ We’re open,” said Riley.

As you would expect, we found a few businesses closed, but not Apple Valley Cafe.

“We want to be able to provide hot chocolate and fried pies for anyone who comes by Townsend today,” said Christi Silliman with Apple Valley Cafe.

The business was cooking up comfort food like chicken and dumplings in honor of the snow day. All their work didn’t go to waste.

“So far today we’ve had about eight customers, some locals that were out doing some sightseeing, sleigh riding and snowing, and some visitors from out of state that are traveling through the area,” added Silliman.

Speaking of work, the snow kept the Wells family busy.

“It’s pretty easy to shovel, you can see he’s doing a great job shoveling down the driveway. So it doesn’t appear to be that hard,” said Julie Little talking about her husband Kendall Wells’ job so far.

The view from their back porch was worth every snow flake.

“The birds were out this morning and the snow in the trees shows every detail, every outline. So you can see farther into the woods when it’s blanketed with snow,” said Little.

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