Knoxville police help woman in need of food, urge people to check on neighbors

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville police officers helped a distressed senior citizen in North Knoxville Tuesday night after they received a call from the woman asking for food.

They hope this serves as an example of why it is important to check on your neighbors, the elderly and family members, especially during severe weather events.

Dispatchers with the Knoxville Police Department received a call from a 78-year-old woman that they say seemed confused or distressed. Officers Jay Williams and Johnathan Book went to the woman’s home on Harvey Street.

She welcomed them inside.

“They looked in her kitchen and the only thing they found, the only food she had in her entire house was a half-eaten jar of peanut butter,” said KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk. “She told the officers that she had been rationing the peanut butter since about February 16.”

The woman said she was waited so long to call for assistance because she didn’t want to be a burden and didn’t know where to call.

The officers immediately went to a nearby grocery store to buy the her groceries. They also went to Knoxville Area Rescue Mission and brought her ready-to-eat food and a hot meal.

“We feed people everyday at KARM. We do up to 1,000 meals, adding one more meal and helping out a neighbor in need was not even a second thought to pack up something to get her through this time.

DeBusk says the Knox County Community Action Committee along with the Knoxville Seniors are working together to provide a case manager to continue helping the woman in the future.

If you are in a dire situation like that, KARM says they can step in and help. Don’t be afraid to call 865-673-6540. Knoxville Mobile Meals also brings hot meals to senior citizens in the area. For more information call 865-524-2786.



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