Kenny Bartley fitted with alcohol monitoring bracelet, moving to Va.

Kenny Bartley in court with attorney Greg Isaacs.

JACKSBORO (WATE) – Convicted Campbell County school shooter Kenny Bartley has obtained a blood alcohol monitoring bracelet and is heading to Virginia Wednesday to live with a former counselor, according to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Bartley pleaded guilty Monday to domestic assault in an incident with his mother.

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Bartley’s attorney Greg Isaacs asked the judge for Bartley to move to Virginia and live with a former counselor. The plea deal turned in to a hearing where Bartley’s former counselor took the stand along with Bartley’s probation officer.

The judge agreed to allow Bartley to move to Virginia and be on probation as long as Bartley’s attorney Greg Isaacs comes up with a way for Bartley to be monitored with a SCRAM bracelet. A SCRAM bracelet detects if the person wearing it consumes alcohol. The information is stored and monitored by authorities.

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Bartley violated probation when he picked up the domestic assault charge against his mother. He was already on probation for an assault against his father in September 2014.

Bartley recently spent eight years in prison for killing assistant principal, Ken Bruce, in 2005. In February 2014, a new jury found Bartley guilty of reckless homicide, which carries a sentence of three years. He got out of prison on time served.

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