Students in Maryville return to school

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Most local school districts made the call to cancel class on Friday, but it was back to school for students at Maryville Junior High and other schools in the city.

“Just sitting at home, not much. It was pretty cold,” said Bryce Beeler about his break.

“We need to come back eventually because we’ll miss another day of Spring Break if we miss another day,” Beeler added, saying he has mixed feelings about returning to school.

Some parents were also a little sad about the break coming to an end.

“Actually, we had a good time sledding in the snow and we had good food,” said mom Jennifer Reece.

Parents were also leery about what the roads would be like Friday morning.

“It hasn’t been bad at all. We were pleasantly surprised,” said mom Jean Blackburn.

It was a day of school on Friday, then back to another breather.

“The weekend is around the corner. So that’s nice,” said student Jordis Blackburn.

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