Rockwood police checking senior homeowners during frigid temps

ROCKWOOD (WATE) – Bitterly cold temperatures, ice and snow are all causes for concern for many of us. Chances are you’ve been checking on loved ones all week, and local police have been doing the same thing in Rockwood part of the R U Safe program.

It all started after a heartbreaking story from last year when an elderly man in Rockwood essentially froze to death inside his home. The Rockwood Police Department launched the program so that there would never be another tragic weather related death in the city.

Maurice Greif, 90, knew exactly who was at the door Friday morning.

“They check on us, call us on the phone and see if we’re alright, anything we need. It’s a great program,” said Greif.

Rockwood police officers were busy dropping by homes on the R U Safe checklist, making sure seniors were warm enough and that they’re not hurt.

“Only thing I worry about is if I happen to get out is falling,” said Greif.

When weather is really bad, the second shift of police officers check again.

“They’ll either go back by if they’re having some issues. If not, they’ll make contact via phone or something like that,” said Officer Blake Norman with the Rockwood Police Department.

Officers even visit homeowners not signed up, but may be struggling in the cold.

“We’ll take them the resources that are made available to us from the public, blankets, electric heaters, stuff like that that we get. We’ll take that to those people that don’t have all the means to take care of themselves,” added Officer Norman.

It’s one part of the police department’s severe weather plan.

“Since it’s going to be so cold and we’re going to get more snow tonight, we’ll continue to do this probably throughout the rest of the winter,” said Officer Norman.

Those checks giving homeowners who are getting help peace of mind.

“That’s great, yes it is that they’re looking after us,” said Greif.

If you would like to help those in need stay warm this winter, the Rockwood Police Department welcomes your blanket or heater donations. They can be dropped off at police headquarters, 115 N Front Street in Rockwood.

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