Morristown ‘Hobbit House’ builder gaining national attention

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – The builder of a “Hobbit House” in Morristown is gaining national attention and may end up the star of his own reality show.

Randy Jones worked on log cabins for years. Now he’s downsizing to custom-made hobbit houses. His first creation is located in Morristown.

Previous story: Morristown man builds ‘Hobbit House’

The hobbit house is only ten feet by twenty feet, but there are plenty of nooks and storage and modern amenities.hobbithousegallery

Since our original story, Jones has made CNN Headline News, the front page of the Morristown Citizen-Tribune and says he is set to be interviewed by a New York producer for a possible reality show.

Jones says several people have looked at the house. Two people are coming from out of state this weekend. Jones says he has finally settled on a price tag of around $30,000.

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