AAA survey: Lower gas prices mean more money to pay bills, travel

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With gas prices still the lowest they’ve been in a few years, more people are expected to travel this year according to AAA. People at the local office say many are already planning their spring and summer trips.

Knoxville driver Darrian Grubb says filling up at the pump has been a lot easier lately.

“Anything helps, like two cents when it just went down two cents best thing that could have happened,” Grubb said.

A recent AAA survey of people in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida states about 40 percent of drivers are paying bills with the money they’re saving at the pumps.

“More money that I can spend on things I need for my car, and for my family and whatnot, rather than having to spend $40, $50 just to fill my car up when I can just spend $20, $30 to fill it up,” Grubb said.

Don Lindsey, the public affairs director for AAA in Tennessee, says even if gas prices jump up again, more travelers will be out this year because they’re already planning their trips.

“We have seen such a huge drop in gas prices this fall that it’s making more of a difference in people’s decisions than it has in the past. What it means is there is more money in people’s pockets to spend on meals out, travel, all of those fun things,” Lindsey said.

AAA predicts gas prices will stay below $3 a gallon for the rest of the year.

“It’s always a roll of the dice when you predict what’s going to happen with gasoline prices, but if the forces at work in the market right now stay the same, then prices should stay under $3 the rest of the year, but that’s a very big if,” Lindsey said.

The survey states the average family could save up to $750 this year if gas prices remain steady.

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