Shotgun found in parked vehicle at Clarkrange High School

CLARKRANGE (WATE) – A hearing has been scheduled in Fentress County Juvenile Court after a number of disallowed items, including a 12 gauge shotgun, were found in a parked vehicle on Clarkrange High School property.

Officials say an independent agency conducted a routine canine sweep of the school’s unoccupied vehicles on January 20 to look for narcotics and other illegal substances.

The dog alerted to one particular vehicle, leading school administration and the school resource officer to search it.

No narcotics or illegal substances were found. However, they did find a 12 gauge shotgun, two pairs of brass knuckles, one can of smokeless tobacco, one pack of cigarettes, one pack of chewing tobacco and various types of ammunition.

A delinquent juvenile petition was filed with the juvenile court and a hearing has been scheduled on February 5 for the student who drove the vehicle onto school property.

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