Knoxville non-profit collecting pet food for needy during Super Bowl

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Non-profit group “Knoxville Pays It Forward” is holding an event on Super Bowl Sunday to help provide pet food for the elderly and rescue groups.

Knoxville Pays It Forward is a chartered non-profit that helps middle class families who find themselves in a financial bind.

The group has partnered with several local sports bars and restaurants for their second annual “Super Kibble Bowl” to encourage customers to bring in a small bag of pet food or pet accessories during the Super Bowl.

The donations will be given to the Knox County Office on Aging to provide pet food to senior citizens whose fixed incomes make it difficult to feed their pets. These pets are usually the only companions these seniors have and are often treated like children.

Donations will also be made so local pet rescue groups like Feral Feline Friends.

More online: Knoxville Pays It Forward

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