Knoxville dog rescue works to find homes for dozens of dogs per year

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville non-profit group is working to rescue dogs throughout the southeast from shelters that have to euthanize animals due to over population.

Southern ROOTS Rescue was founded in 2013 and rescues and rehomes 75 to 100 dogs per year. ROOTS stands for “Rehoming Orphans of the South.”

“We try to focus on dogs in the rural shelters primarily, because those shelters don’t have the foot traffic that normal shelters have,” said Kimberly Pike Badeaux during an interview on Good Day Tennessee.

Badeaux said the group takes the animals, gets them medical care, and then most of them go to the northeast. She says states in the north have controlled animal overpopulation laws that make it difficult to go to a shelter to find a dog.

The group is looking for people interested in adopting or fostering animals.

“We depend on a foster home to take in a dog, give it the care it needs. That way when the people up North ask if the dog is safe with kids, we’re able to give them that information,”

The group says they will provide food or a crate for those interested in fostering, and it is tax deductible.

More online: Southern ROOTS Rescue

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