Hacker accesses baby monitor, talks to nanny

HOUSTON (KIVI) – A Houston family is concerned after their nanny reported hearing a strange voice inside their home on Monday.

Professional nanny Ashley Stanley spends most of her days in the company of 1-year-old Samantha, and only Samantha. Knowing there was absolutely no one else inside the house, Stanley was alarmed on Monday to hear the sound of an unfamiliar man’s voice.
“I kept hearing this strange noise from over there by the crib,” she said, according to KPRC.
It wasn’t long before she realized that the voice was actually coming from the camera inside little Samantha’s bedroom. Her parents had installed it as a precaution so they could keep an eye on her while at work.
“They kept telling me that it’s a cute baby and ‘wow that is a poopy diaper,'” Stanley said. “I was like, ‘My goodness, are they watching me, like, right now?”
KPRC reports that the unidentified third party managed to hack the system and access the camera, which can be controlled remotely to survey not only the room, but other parts of the house.
Stanley said that she and Samantha’s parents have unplugged the camera and are still too nervous to turn it back on.
The hacker has not yet been identified, but if tracked down, could potentially face federal charges.

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