Stand-off ends with Knoxville robbery suspect

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Six people were detained after a standoff with a man Knoxville Police Department said is a suspect in a bank robbery in Downtown Knoxville.

Jason Cates, 31, was taken into custody around 11:45 a.m. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 26.

Jason Cates (source: Blount County Sheriff's Office)
Jason Cates (source: Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

Knoxville Police Department said they responded to a robbery call at a bank in downtown Knoxville just before 9:15 a.m. at Regions Bank, located at 465 S. Gay Street.

Deputies said the suspect from the bank dropped a piece of paper with his identification at the bank which lead them to a home on the 1300 block of Baxter Avenue.

It was a worrisome sight for those who live close by on West Baxter Avenue.

“My boyfriend’s dad called and told us to be careful that they had a standoff next to King’s Market,” said Jessica, a homeowner who didn’t want to give her full name.

After a brief standoff, six people were detained who were inside the home where officers believed the bank robbery suspect was located.

“I don’t know how they think they could get away with it really. They always get caught. You ain’t going to get away with it. I don’t know, people are crazy though,” said Cynthia, another homeowner who didn’t give her full name.

A few people who live in a home close by were evacuated for safety reasons.

“I’ve been living here almost nine years in this neighborhood and I’d say in the last five years it’s gotten a lot worse,” said Jessica.

Once everything settled down, neighbors were still shaken and trying to process what had happened.

“Things happen every now and again but things happen everywhere no matter where you go,” said Cynthia.

Beaumont Elementary and Maynard Elementary were on lock-down according to Knox County Schools. The lockdown was lifted after the the suspect in the robbery was apprehended.

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