North Knoxville coffee shop serves up community values and great brews

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – North Knoxville’s K Brew aims to offer a sense of community and some fabulous coffee, and it appears they are succeeding at both.

With the small coffee shop packed with customers, it didn’t take long to see much more than coffee is brewing at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and North Broadway.

 Pierce LaMacchia
Pierce LaMacchia

“I want you to come in here and meet some people that are really cool and doing things in the neighborhood,” co-owner Pierce LaMacchia said.

He and his brother Michael opened K Brew just over a year ago featuring more than half a dozen ways to brew coffee. You can find everything from your traditional latte to something called an individual Chemex pour over.

It’s safe to say a trip here can also be quite an education in coffee. In fact, it was a trip sampling different brews that inspired them to open this shop.

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“We did a tour of the west coast as a family in 2008, and it quickly became a coffee tour and we quickly started wondering, ‘Why isn’t there more of this in Knoxville?'” said LaMacchia.

Now K Brew has caught the eye of one of TV’s biggest foodies.  Alton Brown paid a visit and later named K Brew one of the top 10 coffee houses in the country for 2014.

“One of our regular customers asked him, ‘Did anyone tell you you look like Alton Brown?’ And he said, ‘All the time man,'” said LaMacchie, relaying a customer’s account of Brown’s visit.

LaMacchia went on to say that Brown put his phone down, walked to the door, opened it and looked back inside and said, “Because I am Alton Brown.”

“This guy is too cool for school,” said LaMacchia.

If you pay the coffee shop a visit, look closely. You will also see a real pride in offering Tennessee products. Right now they are offering two coffees roasted in Nashville, they make their own biscotti on site, local potters have made branded mugs, and their bagels come from Hot Bagel, another local business.

More online: K Brew website

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